A downloadable prototype for Windows


‘Out on the tar plains, the glides are moving
All looking for a new place to drive
You sit beside me so newly charming
Sweating dewdrops glisten freshing your side’

– The Chauffeur, Duran, Duran

Act as an undercover assassin posing as a luxury cab driver in the future. Unravel the conspiracy regarding the origins of the digital hell of Gehenna, as well as your own mysterious identity through a first-person driving simulator with interactive dialogue and first person shooter elements. Set in the same setting as > Run Rashomon.exe 

This prototype does demonstrates the overall look/feel of the game with only rudimentary gameplay features/content.

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it, and run the .exe


Cyber-Chauffeur.rar 54 MB


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What's the the update on this? :)