James Nowlan

Embark through fallen fantasy civilisations, slip through the cracks of time, to reactivate an ancient machine.
A polluted and dying sea. Unite the seafolk, small and large, to put an end to the spillage and save the reef.
Horsemen Jousting is a competitive jousting simulator featuring horse knights, human steeds & vegetable-based weaponry.
Star Opera: Desolate Frontiers is a turn-based competitive fighting game for two players made in 48 hours.
In a collapsed future, devastated from the invasion of a digital hell, manage a squad of cyberpunk knights.
Role Playing
Pose as a luxury cab driver, act as an undercover assassin, in a dark cyberpunk future.
A new video game concept borne from the fusion of the first Grand Theft Auto title and Super Mario Maker.
A short Twine game about failure and adopting new values.
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